Proč by antropologie měla být integrální

Martina Cichá


Słowa kluczowe: integrální antropologie, člověk, biologický determinismus, sociálně-kulturní determinismus

Key words: integral anthropology, man, biological determinism, socio-cultural determinism


Summary: The paper is a criticism of the particularisation of anthropology to the detriment of the holistic view of man. It is based on a premise that the present anthropology is an integral set of sciences of man, which has both its biological part and its socio-cultural part, whereas both these parts are in a mutual balance. Therefore it is not possible to view man exclusively on the basis of natural rules or, on the contrary, exclusively on the basis of social rules. It is provable that it is practically impossible to separate the biological and the socio-cultural aspects of man. It is also necessary to take into account his philosophical substance. This creates a basis for an integral approach to the study of man. No matter what we are dealing with in anthropology, we should be able to see man „broadly”, from various points of view, to look for connections across anthropological specialisations.